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Design your ideal flavor profile from a range of chocolate formulas, stock inclusions, and flavoring options.

All formulas are made from Agostoni-produced cocoa liquor, butter, and powder.

Total supply chain integration ensures superior flavor and quality control.

Competitive pricing and timely fulfillment guaranteed.

Step 1: Choose Your Formula

Offering a wide range of dark and milk chocolates, as well as gianduja and white chocolate.

All-natural conventional and organic options available depending on formula.

Fair Trade, Single Origin, and Single Estate custom formal options also available.

Step 2: Choose Your Inclusions

Include nuts, fruits, grains, confections, and flavorings solids to chocolate selections.


Available in conventional and organic.


Exact price, quantity, and supplier to be confirmed when price quote is developed.


Maximum allowance up to 20% of total bar volume.


Step 3: Choose Your Packaging


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